Best Secret Getaways – Underrated Travel Destinations in the World

Best Secret Getaways – Underrated Travel Destinations in the World

It is a common norm among tourists to flock the popular travel destinations, which are largely advertised on the media. Although those destinations have rich cultures, iconic historical artifacts, pristine landscapes, buzzing entertainment spots, and other exquisite attractions, they do not guarantee the best adventures. 

Many accomplished travelers will tell you that the little-known and underrated travel destinations often provide the most memorable experiences. Nevertheless, the following are some of the best secret getaways. 

Savannah, Georgia 

Most tourists often overlook Savannah for other Southern destinations such as Nashville and Charleston. However, it is also clothed in numerous layers of unique sights and sounds that will no doubt make your trip one of a kind. The city has outstanding historical attractions, lush landscapes, exquisite architecture, boutique hotels and resorts, cafes, and an electric nightlife to charm all kinds of travelers. 

St. Petersburg, Florida 

While many people visit Florida on vacations each year, only a handful know about this blissful place. Unlike most destinations, St. Petersburg is sunny all year round with over 35 miles of white sandy beaches for the perfect retreat. It also boasts museums, buzzing food scene, craft beer breweries, water sports, and several outdoor fun activities. 

Toronto, Canada 

Despite being the most populous city in Canada, Toronto is an incredible urban getaway that you should visit. There are plenty of attractions in Toronto to make your trip memorable, thanks to its magnificent shopping malls, entertainment spots, boutique hotels, restaurants and cafes, museums, and food. 

Tongyeong, South Korea 

The scenic set up of this destination is one of the things that make it a hard-to-find tourist retreat. It is made up of several smaller islands with unique natural attractions including thick forests, nature trails, hills, cliffs, and wildlife. It also boasts a marine park with more than 1,000 varieties of birds, insects, and plant species. 

Whether you need a secret destination for adventure trips, vacations, or any other kinds of trips, the ones discussed above have endless attractions to deliver the most memorable travel experiences.

Smart Travel Tips- Enjoy the Best Trip Ever

Smart Travel Tips- Enjoy the Best Trip Ever

Even frequent travelers make mistakes once in a while. Unfortunately, these mistakes can complicate travel and even spoil a traveler’s experience. To ensure that you always get the most memorable experiences, follow these smart travel tips whenever you go on a trip. 

Plan Your Trip

The planning stage is very important for every trip. Take your time to come up with a budget and plan. Decide on the travel means to use, where to book accommodation, and the activities to engage in. These are some of the things that you should know to ensure a stress-free comfortable and fun-filled trip. Know what you need for the trip and ensure that you have it ready when traveling. 

Travel Comfortably 

Comfort is very important when it comes to traveling. Without comfort, you won’t enjoy your trip. Therefore, choose a perfect seat and have the necessities nearby. Additionally, keep yourself occupied by using your phone or reading a book. 

While at the airport, manage your budget. And, be informed about the airport and the flight. This enables you to know where to get the things you need to ensure your comfort and happiness. It’s also crucial to know who to ask questions or talk to when necessary. 

Have Fun at Your Travel Destination 

Once you finally arrive at your travel destination, focus on having fun. Engage in the fun activities you were yearning for when planning the trip. You can stick to your itinerary or change how you do things a little depending on the situation. 

Always remember to stay safe and keep your valuables secure. Don’t share personal information with strangers. Additionally, keep your loved ones back at home updated on your whereabouts. Also, avoid meeting strangers in places where your safety can be compromised.

Follow these smart travel tips to ensure a more enjoyable, comfortable, and fun-filled trip. 

Traveling in a Suit – What You Should Know

Traveling in a Suit – What You Should Know

Imagine the disappointment of learning that your suit is scrambled or even damaged when you have an important meeting in the next few minutes. It will badly ruin your schedule and moods. If there are no dry cleaners at your hotel or destination, it could be a nightmare. The following tips will help you to safely travel with your suit on.  

Traveling in a Suit is Ideal for Short Trips 

For short trips, wearing the suit will save you from the stress of packing and heavy baggage. If you are planning a long haul trip, the best alternative should be to pack the suit in a garment bag. If you choose to pack the suit, make sure that you know the correct ways of folding and keeping it in transit. 

Choose the Fabrics Carefully

When choosing the suit to wear on a trip, it is recommended that you select a fabric that can withstand wrinkles. Cotton suits are not the best since they usually crease very easily and will look bad even before you arrive at the destination. 

Suits made of linen are a great option since they are light and less subject to wrinkles. You may also want to consider wearing a woolen suit because the fabric is breathable and crease-free. 

Dark Colored Suits are the Best to Travel In 

The color of the suit that you wear when traveling is also important. Consider a suit with dark, solid colors since they can easily hide creases than light-colored materials. 

Traveling in a suit ensures that you do not have to pack extra jackets or coats. The suit jacket is enough to keep the body warm during the trip. In case of a temperature surge, you can also simply ask the flight attendant to assist you with hanging it at a convenient place. Hopping onto a plane in a suit will also go a long way in enhancing your appeal. 

How to Protect Travel Electronics

How to Protect Travel Electronics

Travel electronics are important and expensive. In addition to making travel more exciting, they enhance communication with loved ones. Travelers use these electronics to record their trips and get their work done.

But, when it comes to protecting travel electronics, there are things that you should have in mind. For instance, you should bear in mind the fact that baggage coverage comes with per item limit. Also remember that high limits can be too low when it comes to covering most electronics. Here are guidelines to ensure proper protection of travel electronics.

Know That Electronics Are Excluded From Baggage Coverage

The travel insurance that covers personal items in the baggage comes with a per-item limit. Although you can have a baggage coverage of $600, your plan’s per-item limit can be $300. This means that only this amount will be paid for one item. As such, it may not be enough because a smartphone alone costs more than this.

Limits are Too Low for Most Travel Electronics

Most travel insurance policies have high limits for emergency evacuations, medical emergencies, and flight accidents. Additionally, you can be protected more with a higher limit. However, travel insurance policies are limited to $750 for travel electronics. Some cover $300 only. This means the amount might not cover electronics like laptops and smartphones that you may carry when traveling.

Get Extra Protection for Travel Electronics

You can get a travel insurance plan that provides extra electronics coverage. Such a plan increases per-item limit to up to $1,000. This combined with baggage coverage limit makes the plan a better option. Nevertheless, this amount might still be inadequate for some electronics.

The Best Protection for Travel Electronics

The best protection for travel electronics is personal property insurance. However, you may still have to pay about 5% of the replacement cost of the electronic for this coverage. Nevertheless, if you set your camera down and it gets stepped on by an elephant that you ride, you will have its full replacement cost.

Overall, the best way to protect travel electronics is to buy travel insurance with keen attention on what is covered and the protection level provided. If you buy personal property insurance, it’s possible to focus travel insurance on things like your protection from hefty medical bills.

Things to Pack When Travelling Abroad

Whether you travel abroad frequently or planning for your first international trip, it is always important that you prepare a list of the items to pack beforehand.  Although there are several things that you may want to carry while travelling abroad, there are must-haves that should always appear in the packing checklist. In case you are wondering what to pack, Blogger Art from GT Roofing San Antonio shared some info tips below is a comprehensive breakdown of the basic items that must be included in an international travel checklist.


Do not just throw heaps of clothes into the suitcase or bag. Instead, select a few versatile outfits and lighter fabrics. Some of the essential clothing to pack include long sleeved shirts, fleece jacket, t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, pants, socks, comfortable walking shoes, pajamas, underwear, scarf. For heavy clothes, it is advisable to put them on instead of packing.


Toiletries are also very essential personal effects that you should include in your packing checklist. Some of the basic toiletries to pack include tooth brush, deodorant, hair brush, sunscreen lotions, sun glasses, prescription glasses, hair products, detergents and other personal hygiene items.

Travel Health Supplies

International travels usually come with various health risks. Besides undergoing vaccinations, there are also some health items that you should pack like travel first aid kit, allergy medications and diarrhea medicines.

Carry-on Bag

While there are some of the above items that can be packed in your carry-on bag, there are also personal effects that should be included therein. The carry-on bag should contain mobile devices and accessories, camera, electrical appliances, books and headphones. Other items to also pack in the carry-on bag include credit cards and travel documents.

When packing for an international trip, it is important to also remember to keep the luggage light. Only pack items that you can never go without or buy on the road. To be sure that you do not forget any essential, create a list of all the items that you will need and use it to pack.  


The Ultimate Guide on How to Travel with Money

When travelling, money is one of the main things that you must always have with you. Even after paying for your flight ticket and booking accommodation, you will still need money to cater for goods and services that you will be using during the trip. Besides, emergencies can also arise and, money is usually the easiest way out.  In this guide, we highlight key ideas on how to travel with money.


Regardless of the destination of your travel, it is always advisable to carry some cash for smaller transactions here and there. But, cash can also be quite easy to lose. Here’s how to safely handle cash when traveling;

  • Only carry a small amount of cash at any given time.
  • Keep cash in different places. Stash some in the wallet, some in the carryon bag and others in the pocket or even socks.
  • Do not flaunt your money openly. Only take out what you need to use and keep the rest hidden.


ATMs are also a convenient way of accessing money during a trip. With credit or debit cards, you can easily withdraw money from ATMs across the world. However, it should be noted that overseas, the most you can do at the ATMs is view your balance and make withdrawals. Below are additional tips for using ATMs to access money when travelling.

  • Make withdrawals from bank affiliated ATMs
  • Consider using online banking to monitor transactions
  • Use ATMs during official banking hours
  • Know the withdrawal limits

When using ATMs, you should also be very vigilant not to allow others see your PIN or fall into the trap of skimmers.

Debit Cards  

Unlike credit cards, debit cards can be used to access money from ATMs and pay for goods and services directly. To safely use a debit card when travelling, it is important to always limit your account balance, keep your PIN safe and maintain a watchful eye on the activities in your account.

Generally, the best way to handle money when traveling is electronic. Coupled with the above ideas, you should also be keen to act low key and avoid any activities that could put you at risk.


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