How to Protect Travel Electronics

How to Protect Travel Electronics

Travel electronics are important and expensive. In addition to making travel more exciting, they enhance communication with loved ones. Travelers use these electronics to record their trips and get their work done.

But, when it comes to protecting travel electronics, there are things that you should have in mind. For instance, you should bear in mind the fact that baggage coverage comes with per item limit. Also remember that high limits can be too low when it comes to covering most electronics. Here are guidelines to ensure proper protection of travel electronics.

Know That Electronics Are Excluded From Baggage Coverage

The travel insurance that covers personal items in the baggage comes with a per-item limit. Although you can have a baggage coverage of $600, your plan’s per-item limit can be $300. This means that only this amount will be paid for one item. As such, it may not be enough because a smartphone alone costs more than this.

Limits are Too Low for Most Travel Electronics

Most travel insurance policies have high limits for emergency evacuations, medical emergencies, and flight accidents. Additionally, you can be protected more with a higher limit. However, travel insurance policies are limited to $750 for travel electronics. Some cover $300 only. This means the amount might not cover electronics like laptops and smartphones that you may carry when traveling.

Get Extra Protection for Travel Electronics

You can get a travel insurance plan that provides extra electronics coverage. Such a plan increases per-item limit to up to $1,000. This combined with baggage coverage limit makes the plan a better option. Nevertheless, this amount might still be inadequate for some electronics.

The Best Protection for Travel Electronics

The best protection for travel electronics is personal property insurance. However, you may still have to pay about 5% of the replacement cost of the electronic for this coverage. Nevertheless, if you set your camera down and it gets stepped on by an elephant that you ride, you will have its full replacement cost.

Overall, the best way to protect travel electronics is to buy travel insurance with keen attention on what is covered and the protection level provided. If you buy personal property insurance, it’s possible to focus travel insurance on things like your protection from hefty medical bills.