Traveling in a Suit – What You Should Know

Traveling in a Suit – What You Should Know

Imagine the disappointment of learning that your suit is scrambled or even damaged when you have an important meeting in the next few minutes. It will badly ruin your schedule and moods. If there are no dry cleaners at your hotel or destination, it could be a nightmare. The following tips will help you to safely travel with your suit on.  

Traveling in a Suit is Ideal for Short Trips 

For short trips, wearing the suit will save you from the stress of packing and heavy baggage. If you are planning a long haul trip, the best alternative should be to pack the suit in a garment bag. If you choose to pack the suit, make sure that you know the correct ways of folding and keeping it in transit. 

Choose the Fabrics Carefully

When choosing the suit to wear on a trip, it is recommended that you select a fabric that can withstand wrinkles. Cotton suits are not the best since they usually crease very easily and will look bad even before you arrive at the destination. 

Suits made of linen are a great option since they are light and less subject to wrinkles. You may also want to consider wearing a woolen suit because the fabric is breathable and crease-free. 

Dark Colored Suits are the Best to Travel In 

The color of the suit that you wear when traveling is also important. Consider a suit with dark, solid colors since they can easily hide creases than light-colored materials. 

Traveling in a suit ensures that you do not have to pack extra jackets or coats. The suit jacket is enough to keep the body warm during the trip. In case of a temperature surge, you can also simply ask the flight attendant to assist you with hanging it at a convenient place. Hopping onto a plane in a suit will also go a long way in enhancing your appeal.