Things to Pack When Travelling Abroad

Whether you travel abroad frequently or planning for your first international trip, it is always important that you prepare a list of the items to pack beforehand.  Although there are several things that you may want to carry while travelling abroad, there are must-haves that should always appear in the packing checklist. In case you are wondering what to pack, Blogger Art from GT Roofing San Antonio shared some info tips below is a comprehensive breakdown of the basic items that must be included in an international travel checklist.


Do not just throw heaps of clothes into the suitcase or bag. Instead, select a few versatile outfits and lighter fabrics. Some of the essential clothing to pack include long sleeved shirts, fleece jacket, t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, pants, socks, comfortable walking shoes, pajamas, underwear, scarf. For heavy clothes, it is advisable to put them on instead of packing.


Toiletries are also very essential personal effects that you should include in your packing checklist. Some of the basic toiletries to pack include tooth brush, deodorant, hair brush, sunscreen lotions, sun glasses, prescription glasses, hair products, detergents and other personal hygiene items.

Travel Health Supplies

International travels usually come with various health risks. Besides undergoing vaccinations, there are also some health items that you should pack like travel first aid kit, allergy medications and diarrhea medicines.

Carry-on Bag

While there are some of the above items that can be packed in your carry-on bag, there are also personal effects that should be included therein. The carry-on bag should contain mobile devices and accessories, camera, electrical appliances, books and headphones. Other items to also pack in the carry-on bag include credit cards and travel documents.

When packing for an international trip, it is important to also remember to keep the luggage light. Only pack items that you can never go without or buy on the road. To be sure that you do not forget any essential, create a list of all the items that you will need and use it to pack.